Follow Friday – March 27th 2009 – How big will this get?

You’ve got to wonder – how big is this thing going to get?

As always, all this information is based on midnight to midnight Pacific time.

There were a total of 67,134 Follow Friday Tweets this week. That is a 9% increase from last week.

Here is the chart of Tweets per Hour:


The peak hour was from 8-9AM with 5,908 Tweets. That is slightly off last week’s peak hour of 6,117.

While the peak came down just a bit we sustained more than 5,000 tweets for 4 straight hours – from 7am – 11am pacific.

Also worth noting is that our steady and rapid decrease in tweets which has dominated the chart seems to be changing. We have several periods of increasing numbers of tweets per hour post peak. This is new and is largely responsible for the week over week growth.

I want to thank everyone for checking out – there were a few bumps early in the day with the justSignal real-time Tracker… but we’ve got them worked out and things are working great. Next week should be all kinds of fun.

Last but not least… if you want all the data so you can take a crack at finding the useful information, you can download the full data set in XML right here. You can find the XML specification for that file here.

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