Follow Friday – March 20th 2009 – The Meme Keeps Growing

Astonishingly, the Meme that is Follow Friday keeps growing.

As always, all this information is based on midnight to midnight Pacific time.

There were a total of 61,739 Follow Friday Tweets this week. That is a 12% increase from last week.

Here is the chart of Tweets per Hour:


The peak hour was from 10-11AM with an astounding 6,117 Tweets.

For those of you familiar with statistics – you’ll notice that the graph, week over week, looks amazingly similar. So we can extrapolate that we have a stable usage pattern.

We also had two straight hours which exceeded last week’s peak hour – from 9am – 11am pacific.

Last but not least… if you want all the data so you can take a crack at finding the useful information, you can download the full data set in XML right here. You can find the XML specification for that file here.

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