Follow Friday – March 13th 2009 – Follow Friday the 13th?

Good Saturday morning to everyone.

These posts track the meme that is Follow Friday. Today I’m in Austin Texas for Ustream Studios at the Belmont during SXSW (that is South by Southwest). I was on last night live discussing how technology and the real-time web enables Government 2.0 with Francine Hardaway and Tom Serres, C.E.O, Piryx. It was a blast and we are doing it again tonight at 4PM pacific. You can watch at

I get all this information using a justSignal Tracker. If you could use this kind of information about your brand, event or topic(s) drop me a note in the comments and get your own justSignal Tracker.

So let’s get on with it.

For Friday March 13th 2009 there were 54,940 Follow Friday Tweets (midnight to midnight Pacific time).

That represents a 26% increase from last week.

Here is the chart which shows the number of Tweets per hour.


Peak hour was 8 to 9 AM Pacific with 5,105 Tweets. That is a 15% increase from last weeks peak hour.

We had three straight hours (7AM to 9AM Pacific) that had more tweets than our peak hour last week.

As always – to see the results for specific Twitter users – head on over to

As the week over week graphs build out I’ll begin displaying them here. Probably 2 weeks away from being useful information.

Last but not least… if you want all the data so you can take a crack at finding the useful information, you can download the full data set in XML right here. You can find the XML specification for that file here.

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