Moved to Disqus Comment Platform

I’ve moved the comment platform for my blog over to Disqus.

Why – well here is what Disqus says:

Key benefits for Websites, Publishers, Bloggers

* Threaded comments and comment ratings

* Powerful moderation and admin tools

* Filter out spam, trolls, and unwanted commenters

* Enable your visitors to become a real community

* Moderation by email or mobile

* More comments and increased engagement

* Connected with a large discussion community

* Increased exposure and readership

Key benefits for Commenters, Readers

* Track and manage comments and replies

* Verified commenter reputations across sites

* More control over your own comments on websites

* Never lose your comments, even if the website goes away

* Build a global profile, or comment blog, to collect and show off what you’re saying

* Easier to comment on websites using Disqus

* Reply to comments through email or mobile

* Edit and republish comments with one click

Let me know what you think and if you have any issues.

So what is up with the ads?

Some of you may have noticed I’ve added Google AdSense ads to the site.

And some of you may be put off…

So why did I do it? Well the long and the short of it is, I’m bootstrapping a startup – cosinity – and income is sparse… and as you can see the little one’s get cranky if they are not fed regularly.


I’ve tried to keep the ads as inconspicuous as possible – but if you happen to want to shop for say a GPS, please do so by clicking on the ads in my blog.