Image Credit: David Mulder

Over the last few days I’ve attempted to write a post here explaining why data driven analysis and action is so important in relation to recent events. It isn’t hard to find data and high quality analytical analysis that speaks to the tragic events in Minneapolis, Baton Rouge and yesterday in Dallas.

It also isn’t hard to connect the resistance to analytical analysis in corporations to the same phenomena in recent events.

Having said all that, however, I can’t make myself complete or publish that post; because it as correct and timely as it may be I can not help but feel any such post would be inappropriate at this time.

So, for now I will simply say:

  • Reality and your world view are not the same thing.
  • Reality exists in both the antecdote and the aggregate – respect both.
  • Bias exists with and without intent.
  • The solutions will come through understanding, not tribalism, hostility and violence.


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