Being On Top, Safety and the King Of the Hill Conundrum

imgres-2.jpeg Did you play king of the hill when you were a kid? Of course you did. You remember what happened once you got to the top right? Everyone’s mission became to knock you off. Two kids who wouldn’t help each other out of a burning building would suddenly join forces to knock you off that hill. You want to be safe? Get the hell off the hill.

You are all grown up now… you think it is any different?

Ironically we are obsessed with both being on top of the hill and being safe. We want our country, our company, or just us, personally to be at the absolute pinnacle of success – and at the same time be absolutely safe. Seems like we never learned the lesson we should have from all those back yard games of king of the hill.

You want to be on top?

  • Expect to be attacked.

You think if you are really, really big and strong you can stay on top?

  • Eventually, someone bigger and stronger always gets in the game.
  • The biggest and strongest will join forces to take you down.
  • Cheap shots (knee to the groin, hair pulling, etc) are to be expected.

You want to be safe?

  • Get the hell off the hill.

I’m not suggesting you (or we) aim for mediocrity – just the opposite. I’m just suggesting you be realistic about what comes with the territory.

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