Hard Work Only Matters If You Are Working On The Right Things

Priorities matter more than hard work - work life balanceOne of the myths I hear every day about startups (and even corporate jobs) is that the key to success is outworking everyone else. If you competitor is in the office working away at 6 am – you better get your ass in the office at 5.

We talk about hard work as if it were some magic elixir – things aren’t working out? Work harder, put in more hours…

It is a lie.

I’m not suggesting effort doesn’t matter, I’m suggesting that more effort toward the wrong things doesn’t matter. It isn’t how much or how hard, it is what you work on that determines how successful you will be.

Priorities matter – every person I know who appears to be working super hard suffers from a pathological failure to prioritize.

Think about it… if you had your priorities straight would you skip you child’s school play, or miss their championship soccer game or your spouses awards diner? Balance matters, priorities matter – not because you’ll be happier and more productive (you will) but because if you can’t prioritize life, you sure as hell can’t prioritize work.

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