Another justSignal upgrade. Twitter real-time upgrade.

We had a list of items we wanted improved and added to the justSignal Twitter real-time widget. And since I have no ability to procrastinate we are launching those changes over the weekend. Here is a rundown of the changes:

  • Allow for variable length hash tags to be inserted in the tweets (used to be fixed at 6 characters).
  • @names are now links.
  • Added HTML elements for easier customization via CSS.
  • Delete old tweets when there are more than 350 in the widget.
  • Added date on tweet time.
  • Added “logged in as” and a Logout button.
  • Added the ability to re-tweet directly from the tweet (no copy and paste, just click on RT).

Re-Tweets are a big deal. So is the capping of the number of tweets in the widget (prevents memory issues). I’m also pretty happy about the improved HTML which will allow you to customize nearly every aspect of the widget via CSS (thanks to Josh Strebel for his guidance here).

For those of you who need to see it now… here is a screen shot of the base widget (not customized).

justSignal Twitter real-time Widget
justSignal Twitter real-time Widget

We still have much, much more up our sleeve(s)… so stay tuned.

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