What Do People Think is Great? A justSignal Experiment

More than any other word “innovator” describes me best. I’m not saying I’m Steve Jobs – I’m just saying I’m constantly fascinated by new, interesting combinations of ideas that add value. This morning – as I watched the Follow Friday Tweets FLY by on the justSignal tracker I began to wonder…

Wouldn’t it be great if I could tap into everything people said was “great” on Twitter. justSignal to the rescue! Here is the justSignal Tracker seeking out everything people Tweet about because it is great.

(I’m not embedding the Tracker here for any number of reasons… but it will live at the link above).

There are three things that make this exceptionally interesting (to me – feel free to suggest your own in the comments).

  1. These are 100% authentic – no gaming of the system. Just real people telling us what they think is “great”.
  2. Watching the Real-Time Tracker is a great (sorry for the pun) way to discover things that you might think are great too.
  3. Being able to collect all these tweets for analysis later is an amazingly rich source of information (mostly because of #1 above)

Just as an example, here is an 100% authentic endorsement of a car repair shop. I have no idea who the Drake Garage is… but @ljpalmer is clearly a fan. I don’t know about you, but I totally trust this endorsement. Why? Because it is a spontaneous, authentic utterance…


I’ll have some more announcements about this experiment over the next few days and weeks. This is a really interesting idea – and further illustrates my point that Twitter Search does not make Twitter a Search Engine. If, however, you can collect the relevant data (for your purpose) you can gain amazing insights.

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