I LOVE Statistics – What is Great on Twitter? Apparently Watchmen…

I was poking around in the data coming back from What is Great On Twitter – because, well I’m a geek and I love statistics. I looked at iPhone vs. Blackberry; Apple vs. Microsoft; and TweetDeck vs. Twhirl.

All very interesting, I assure you. But then I decided to see the buzz about Watchmen – and WOW. I’ll let the results speak for themselves:

There were a total of: 119 mentions of Watchmen on What is Great On Twitter

Tweets after the jump…

There were a total of: 119 mentions of Watchmen on What is Great On Twitter

jhorsley3: I just want to note that including the 12:01am premiere of WATCHMEN my local theater is playing it 14 TIMES TODAY. POULSBO FTW!

Friday March 6th @ 8:58:14 am

phogan: Won’t be seeing Watchmen until the monday afternoon matinee. Careers in journalism FTW!

Friday March 6th @ 9:12:26 am

jackomatik: @Emokilla Thumbs up. They did a great job with the characters, but The Big Plot Change was kind of weird. #Watchmen director’s cut DVD FTW?

Friday March 6th @ 9:20:58 am

jakeprospect: @becca_kay I don’t know why, but I get a big kick out of haiku’s. Watchmen was awesome. Dr. Manhattan is great, minus the constant nudity.

Friday March 6th @ 9:22:30 am

mr_chip: Ebert gives Watchmen a rave review! Big exhale, because uninitiated mainstream review love means it probably really is great.

Friday March 6th @ 9:37:31 am

cowboycraig: Looking forward to seeing the Watchmen! The reviews are great which is a plus.

Friday March 6th @ 9:53:10 am

nGenWorks: Jacksonville peeps, join the nGeneers at the 3pm showing of Watchmen at Tinseltown! nGen Friday FTW!

Friday March 6th @ 10:43:05 am

tonychester: Quick lunch with the Odub crew and it’s off to Watchmen — FTW!

Friday March 6th @ 10:49:52 am

igerard: @kevinrose amazing film. They left some stuff out but you had to think about it. Ending is great too. Better than original IMO #watchmen

Friday March 6th @ 11:08:39 am

ZakMckrackin: dude its friday and watchmen is out. March Madness FTW!

Friday March 6th @ 11:08:53 am

Kirsten: RT @JasonCalacanis: Watchmen is great. it is intelligent, visually intriguing and more human than superhuman. it’s metafiction at its best.

Friday March 6th @ 11:10:52 am

Humanoide: Looking forward to Watchmen tonight. Comments are great so far. Never read it, but I’m sure I’ll like the movie.

Friday March 6th @ 11:12:28 am

crossetj: Waited too long to get #watchmen tickets! To hell with being social, I’m going by myself tomorrow night. IMAX FTW!

Friday March 6th @ 11:19:15 am

its_ash: The next 2 hrs & 45 min will be spent seeing Watchmen! FTW!

Friday March 6th @ 11:34:33 am

stylistisme: The WatchMen (Movie); Rorschach FTW.

Friday March 6th @ 11:36:42 am

akirazenx: @GothMunch watchmen FTW

Friday March 6th @ 11:36:45 am

salvemoscolari: Ah, e Malin Akerman FTW! #watchmenpt

Friday March 6th @ 11:38:18 am

FiZ: is desperately waiting for 6:15 “WATCHMEN in IMAX FTW

Friday March 6th @ 11:47:16 am

Karepi: : Friday. Done with flame training! Watching the Watchmen FTW!

Friday March 6th @ 11:48:10 am

techgurus: JasonCalacanis: @kevinrose Watchmen is great. it is intelligent, visually intriguing and more human than superhu.. http://tinyurl.com/bpnymg

Friday March 6th @ 11:55:33 am

modernscience: RT @JasonCalacanis: Watchmen is great. it is intelligent, visually intriguing and more human than superhuman. it’s metafiction at its best.

Friday March 6th @ 11:57:24 am

ian3stax: Watchmen was awesome!!!!!

Friday March 6th @ 11:57:35 am

Kyprioth: @lartist That sucks, watchmen was awesome!

Friday March 6th @ 11:58:48 am

krakkentroll: Holy crap this is great: Watchmen, the 80’s cartoon intro: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YDDHHrt6l4w

Friday March 6th @ 12:00:24 pm

Brad_Strickland: In Watchmen the attention to detail is awesome down to the Mac SE/30 on Veidt’s Desk. http://is.gd/m2Wh

Friday March 6th @ 12:01:21 pm

Takhiru: wow. Amazing movie, amazing night, but I’m insanely tired. The Watchmen FTW. ❤ @___@

Friday March 6th @ 12:04:47 pm

Graysee: Watchmen was awesome. The first hour is a little slow, but it sets the stage for the rest of the movie. I like the extra story personally

Friday March 6th @ 12:06:05 pm

piratesmiles: Last tweet may not have made sense. Someone drew Watchmen related stuff all over campus. It was awesome. Twitter just didn’t get my text.

Friday March 6th @ 12:06:10 pm

exiledscorpion: @kevinrose Wish i was going to see Watchmen tonight, i’m going next week. The soundtrack is awesome though.

Friday March 6th @ 12:06:29 pm

MatthewKC: Watchmen was awesome, though not quite as good as the graphic novel. I liked Jeffrey Dean Morgan as the Comedian the best.

Friday March 6th @ 12:18:52 pm

nonpromqueen: Happy Friday! Today is #BSG day! Tomorrow? #Watchmen! BIG BLUE WANG FTW

Friday March 6th @ 12:20:33 pm

robotech_master: @clairefontain Watchmen was awesome. Don’t miss it on the big screen. Go IMAX if you can.

Friday March 6th @ 12:24:59 pm

mulatta: Oh wow. Fuck the haters, Watchmen was awesome. Long, but awesome. Aaawesome. I’m even talking like a surfer dude, ffs.

Friday March 6th @ 12:35:41 pm

ambulanceartist: Watchmen was awesome. Amazing fan service. Will see again for sure.

Friday March 6th @ 12:36:12 pm

pmhesse: Watchmen was good. Effects = wonderful. Acting = mostly good. (Rorschach was awesome.) Story = faithful to the book. What did y’all think?

Friday March 6th @ 12:36:13 pm

ricetopher: Who has today’s coolest Twitter avatar? Check out the Dr. Manhattan-ization of @cascio ‘s pic. Nice work, Jamais! #Watchmen FTW!

Friday March 6th @ 12:40:23 pm

dannyroddy: Watchmen was awesome. Loved it. #watchmen

Friday March 6th @ 12:43:35 pm

25thhour: Watchmen … was … awesome!!

Friday March 6th @ 12:43:43 pm

RiceBunny: Watchmen was awesome!!!!!! Go see it. Read the graphic novel too!

Friday March 6th @ 12:44:52 pm

trickynumber7: @omgwtfftl we saw watchmen before @kevinrose and it was awesome!

Friday March 6th @ 12:45:37 pm

HBKV1K: just saw watchmen @ midnite it was awesome

Friday March 6th @ 12:47:28 pm

holy_guacamole: watchmen was awesome. staying out till 5…less awesome.

Friday March 6th @ 12:56:52 pm

Undeleterious: Best thing about Watchmen: the art. Worst thing: the soundtrack. The tracks are great but don’t feel right. Would prefer all instrumental.

Friday March 6th @ 12:57:32 pm

CigarFace: WATCHMEN @ 4:30 FTW!!!!!!!

Friday March 6th @ 12:57:52 pm

bmancreations: watchmen was awesome

Friday March 6th @ 12:58:12 pm

alittler: #watchmen Hf Blood Prince trailer is FTW

Friday March 6th @ 1:03:09 pm

JoshMonkey: Watchmen was awesome. Go see it, even if you have to sacrifice sleep to do so

Friday March 6th @ 1:05:41 pm

valos1479: Watchmen was awesome

Friday March 6th @ 1:06:00 pm

patrickgraves: My session was canceled so I went and saw “Watchmen”. It was awesome…..at parts. Terrible use of source music though. But thats minor.

Friday March 6th @ 1:08:25 pm

erinjoan: @RPMaus @UMNews Watchmen + Science is awesome. Here’s why: http://tinyurl.com/cjpw55

Friday March 6th @ 1:13:41 pm

Infneon: Who watches the Watchmen? I did and it was awesome.

Friday March 6th @ 1:15:27 pm

deege: @DailyContempt The Watchmen is a movie. It is awesome but very long and dark.

Friday March 6th @ 1:16:22 pm

tenshi_nezumi: Watchmen was awesome! Working to close tonight.

Friday March 6th @ 1:17:18 pm

groggiero: watchmen was awesome. and the people who were at the premier were awesome. but im not sure about seeing a premier at midnight again…

Friday March 6th @ 1:17:43 pm

entcardoso: @steveisaacs I saw it yesterday, here in Brazil. It`s amazing! There`s some different things, but the movie is great. #watchmen

Friday March 6th @ 1:22:33 pm

SatansPuppet: @Craig1980 not a clue never read #watchmen. Action was awesome but a lot of sex in their too!

Friday March 6th @ 1:24:32 pm

cobiegoesboom: given all the watchmen movie press, this is awesome: http://www.comicbookmovie.com/watchmen/news/?a=4366

Friday March 6th @ 1:24:42 pm

Kris_J: Dude…the world is out of balance…but at least Watchmen was awesome

Friday March 6th @ 1:25:38 pm

coy0te: RT @SatansPuppet: @Craig1980 not a clue never read #watchmen.Action was awesome but a lot of sex in their too! .. Sounds like my kinda film!

Friday March 6th @ 1:26:15 pm

Klink: the movies gamble payed off a handfull of ppl in and watchmen was awesome

Friday March 6th @ 1:27:01 pm

ekerrimahon: just went to see Watchmen. It was awesome.

Friday March 6th @ 1:28:56 pm

k_hamm: Watchmen is great.

Friday March 6th @ 1:29:16 pm

sammy_sunshine: Gonna watch WATCHMEN in like ten mins. Imax FTW!

Friday March 6th @ 1:32:44 pm

noonesgod: is back at the shop. Watchmen was awesome. You should see it.

Friday March 6th @ 1:36:52 pm

nlavin: So i saw Watchmen last night on IMAX – it was awesome but i had a few small problems. problem number 1 was… http://tumblr.com/xxy1e46at

Friday March 6th @ 1:42:50 pm

mikloud: Watchmen was awesome

Friday March 6th @ 1:44:15 pm

jamielee_n: @demonbaby Watchmen is awesome the graphics are just unbelivable was graphic but still. enjoy!

Friday March 6th @ 1:44:46 pm

coderigger: @xonassis I’m sitting between two librarians at my Watchmen screening – FTW!!!

Friday March 6th @ 1:45:13 pm

TheSl0th: So, my good buddy TraitorJack saw Watchmen last night. He says it was awesome! Anyone else see it? Let me know what you thought! No spoilers

Friday March 6th @ 1:45:53 pm

OrangeHoodie: watchmen was awesome

Friday March 6th @ 1:46:45 pm

cherriepanda: Holy jehovah! I had a mix up with ticket times, lady gave me money back + IMAX tix for Watchmen at noon….FTW!

Friday March 6th @ 1:46:55 pm

DaKool: has just returned from watching Watchmen pretty good movie im lying it was awesome

Friday March 6th @ 1:47:23 pm

underlow: Greetings from Vietnam! This is awesome: http://bit.ly/eRknD #watchmen

Friday March 6th @ 1:49:29 pm

spiraken: as a movie fan watchmen was awesome. as a comic fan watchmen was very good. could it have been better… yes but i did enjoy it. 4.5 out …

Friday March 6th @ 1:54:25 pm

claudia_m: Watchmen was awesome!!! (but for purists only, I’ll admit) Haters can suck it!!!

Friday March 6th @ 1:54:53 pm

alexbuckingham: Watchmen was awesome.

Friday March 6th @ 1:56:58 pm

Ktdata: @janetv Watchmen is awesome!!!

Friday March 6th @ 2:00:15 pm

cdgullo: Watchmen was awesome.

Friday March 6th @ 2:00:27 pm

cromo_916: watchmen was awesome.

Friday March 6th @ 2:02:15 pm

Disco_Stu: @sway you are correct, madam. Watchmen was awesome

Friday March 6th @ 2:02:55 pm

lsilverman: Ebert gave WATCHMEN 4 stars and mentioned IMAX http://tinyurl.com/chm2kp! I agree, WATCHMEN in IMAX is awesome!

Friday March 6th @ 2:11:55 pm

fmiller: Saw watchmen last night, it was awesome.

Friday March 6th @ 2:18:58 pm

sbf717: OMG Watchmen was awesome. SO FUCKING AWESOME. Give me the mutherfucking Blu-ray soon Warner 😐

Friday March 6th @ 2:20:15 pm

darrynvdwalt: Watchmen was awesome 🙂

Friday March 6th @ 2:21:29 pm

JNicole88: Watchmen was awesome! Still bummed they had trouble w/our imax so we had to watch the reg version. They gave us free imax tix to make up 🙂

Friday March 6th @ 2:21:35 pm

shishigami: Just in from seeing Watchmen. It was awesome :).

Friday March 6th @ 2:21:38 pm

mrjonnypantz: Watchmen was awesome. Not sure how I liked the changed ending, but overall, loved the movie.

Friday March 6th @ 2:26:59 pm

boog7707: @Longbow1221 Yeah, I heard it was awesome. Watchmen, Star Trek, Wolverine, Gambit, Deadpool…good times for geek-vendors like me!!!

Friday March 6th @ 2:28:15 pm

petefic: @kevinrose it was awesome #watchmen

Friday March 6th @ 2:31:39 pm

myrandakae: @kylebeats watchmen was awesome.

Friday March 6th @ 2:32:13 pm

draigwen: Watchmen was awesome. Driving back from Newport in the dark was scary.

Friday March 6th @ 2:34:19 pm

IamKorbenDallas: Watchmen was awesome

Friday March 6th @ 2:39:15 pm

Jumpluff96: Watchmen was awesome. Jizzed in pants. Fapfapfap.

Friday March 6th @ 2:42:08 pm

chickieleighc: @wyldkyss Yes, it was definitely ZOMG. ALso: one of my favorite parts was the MUSIC, to be honest. 99 Luftbaloons FTW! #watchmen

Friday March 6th @ 2:42:08 pm

patarick: I’m seeing a lot of twitter peeps saying #watchmen was awesome. Clearly they’ve never experienced the power of the novel.

Friday March 6th @ 2:43:53 pm

Amandarka: Is posting EVERYWHERE that i saw Watchmen… Why? Because i can. Plus it was awesome… Except for the losers behind me… They were loud.

Friday March 6th @ 2:45:13 pm

Choppin: @monkeyspoon Watchmen is better than all of those. Although Batman is awesome. I think Rhian would quite like Watchmen… maybe. No gayness.

Friday March 6th @ 2:45:47 pm

doug_graeme: watchmen at the IMAX FTW

Friday March 6th @ 2:47:01 pm

FelixDCat: Finished Watchmen. It followed the novel almost panel for panel. was awesome to see it come to life on the big screen.

Friday March 6th @ 2:48:30 pm

ramshaw: Watchmen was awesome a few minor plot points were changed for the better for film. One gripe was the soundtrack a bit hit or miss.

Friday March 6th @ 2:50:13 pm

thisISmike_yt: Finished watching Watchmen! It was awesome! Not sure what everyone was saying. Oh well.

Friday March 6th @ 2:50:33 pm

remoterecon: RT @kevinrose #watchmen is great. it is intelligent, visually intriguing and more human than superhuman. it’s metafiction at its best.

Friday March 6th @ 2:52:29 pm

vegansarah: watchmen was awesome, hooray to my mom for babysitting!!

Friday March 6th @ 2:57:42 pm

mathletelesley: Who Watches The Watchmen? The Watchmen movie was awesome!!!!

Friday March 6th @ 2:58:56 pm

the_jamie: The Watchmen was awesome!!! If you haven’t planned to see it, you’re wrong! 🙂

Friday March 6th @ 3:02:02 pm

iFester: Okay, caught up on the tweets, no surprise Phoenix hates Watchmen (that uncultured swine). Toy Story joke FTW! He’ll kick my ass in L4D L8R.

Friday March 6th @ 3:04:21 pm

Jason23z: @MsClovisEskimo Watchmen was awesome, a little to long but still good.

Friday March 6th @ 3:05:04 pm

Fabricate: Watchmen was okay, but this guy, this guy was awesome http://twitpic.com/1vwsg

Friday March 6th @ 3:09:51 pm

CarryBelle: Watchmen was awesome!

Friday March 6th @ 3:13:10 pm

adamrickett: Watchmen was awesome!! But wow was there a lot of blue penis in it.

Friday March 6th @ 3:13:17 pm

seandavis: #Watchmen was awesome. All the naysayers are just nitpicking.

Friday March 6th @ 3:22:27 pm

briantroy: New Blog post: I LOVE Statistics – What is great on Twitter? Apparently Watchmen… at http://tinyurl.com/crl3nc

Friday March 6th @ 3:23:05 pm

revii: @updance Lily, Julio just called me to meet in the park so I won’t be able to log in. ilyyy!!!!!! Hope Watchmen was awesome!!!!

Friday March 6th @ 3:23:24 pm

pishka: watchmen was awesome!! not as epic as the novel, but AWESOME nevertheless.

Friday March 6th @ 3:23:27 pm

erikblythe: @CallanH (RE: #Watchmen) Jonas Brothers in 3D FTW! 🙂

Friday March 6th @ 3:23:45 pm

patchrick: @angryearthling would be a good idea. Watchmen is great film 🙂

Friday March 6th @ 3:29:55 pm

johnjac: Leaving for diner the #WATCHMEN spoiler alert: I’m going to think it is awesome!

Friday March 6th @ 3:29:58 pm

Brammm: Watchmen was awesome!

Friday March 6th @ 3:33:15 pm

moth: @greeneant Watchmen was awesome. Highly recommended. I give it four and a half blood-spattered smiley faces.

Friday March 6th @ 3:34:47 pm

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