Mission accomplished – VoIP Softphone for Mac

One of my greatest frustrations with Mac has been the lack of a VoIP SoftPhone. To be completely clear, when I say VoIP SoftPhone I mean that the way you would mean “email client”. I’m not interested in a SoftPhone tied to a particular service provider or network.

This search has been frustrating me for almost two years now. In that time I’ve tried and rejected so many SoftPhones I’ve lost count. I know I’ve been to Pure-Mac’s VoIP page about 600 times. I’ve also been to VoIP-Info’s phones page about 600 times. I’ve tried everything from CounterPath to Ubiquity and had not found any SoftPhone that was both high quality and configurable.

I’m happy to say the search is over. iSoftPhone from Call4Mac is a robust SIP SoftPhone. It supports everything you would expect and enables peer to peer calling on the LAN via Bonjour. Configuration is a snap (see screen-shots below) and the implementation of SIP is flawless. I’ve connected iSoftPhone to OpenSER, SER, Asterisk, BroadVoice, Teliax, and Gizmo with no issues.

Perhaps most importantly, the call quality is excellent. Even over wifi on my MacBook Pro – with the usual complement of just about everything running – the call quality is excellent, even with the built in microphone/speakers. There is a slight echo for the other party, but this is easily overcome by plugging in headphones and using the built-in microphone.


Admittedly – this is for the geek crowd or the SMB IT folks. If you don’t have a SIP server/PBX Skype/Gizmo is still the right choice for you. But having said that, this SoftPhone is as easy to install and configure as the average email client. This makes it ideal for those who have a VoIP account/server and Mac Clients in their house/organization.

16 thoughts on “Mission accomplished – VoIP Softphone for Mac

    1. No problem. I know it frustrated me for years… I now use iSoftPhone daily and have had almost no issues with it. Well worth the what the developer charges.


  1. Works excellent, no nonse tool with good looks and a hot icon for on the dock, perfect for on the Mac!thanks for the tip!


  2. hi….i was trying to get thru using my justvoip.com account…..doesn't seem to be working….any ideas..?? i typed justvoip.com in the server address column and then my user name and password…..the status shows as connected but i m unable to connect to any phone…..can u pls help??


    1. Jackson -Sorry I can't help. You'll need to ask your provider for the specific settings for them. They should be able to provide you the appropriate settings for their service.


  3. Finally… good find. Can't see a DND option but still on the first day. Also supports multiple accounts. Excellent 🙂


    1. Sadly, no… That is my one gripe with the applicaiton. If you have multiple registrations (lines) it is very difficult to tell – while the phone is ringing – which registration (line) the call is coming in on. That is because is simply says “incoming call on line X” – which means I'd have to remember which of my registrations was on which line. I have not contacted the developer about this… but if it is really a problem for you that is exactly what I'd do. Thanks!Brian


      1. Well I missed that it even said that at the top so that's a bonus – means it shouldn't be too hard to add in using the Display Name field or the like. Will definitely email the devs.Any chance you've discovered a DND? No that that is a killer thing.


      2. I agree… I'd assume it is a simple change. As far as DND goes my solution for that is command +q (quit the app). Amazingly effective :)DND should be easy for them to implement as well… From what I've been told by others the DEVs are very responsive.


  4. I use ringcentral and the only softphone I can get to work on snow leopard is zoiper communicator. I tried out isoftphone without luck. We'll see if their support team can help me or not.


  5. I use ringcentral and the only softphone I can get to work on snow leopard is zoiper communicator. I tried out isoftphone without luck. We'll see if their support team can help me or not.


  6. It’s been almost three years since you posted this.

    Have you been using iSoftPhone ever since? Or have you discovered a new decent Mac softphone.

    Hope you can share an update on this.


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