Invest Southwest names presenters

Invest Southwest announced the presenting companies for the 2008 Invest Southwest Conference.

Congratulations to these firms.

Thirteen firms made the cut for December’s Invest Southwest conference.

Organizers for the annual event, which aims to pair promising new technology firms with investors who can help finance future growth, have announced which companies will be presenting.

The finalists were selected from about 80 applicants.

Most of the companies are Arizona-based. Nearly all of them focus on software development or biotechnology.

Here’s the list:

* Captivemotion LLC – The Tempe-based firm uses technology to study facial motions for video games and movies.

* CellTrust Corp. – The Scottsdale-based company provides security software to protect data that is transmitted mobilely.

* Clareity Security – The Scottsdale firm provides identity fraud protection services for the real estate and financial services industries.

* Consolidated Energy Systems LLC – The company in Salt Lake City, Utah is developing a patent-pending process to convert pretroleum coke into fuel for modified diesel engines.

* Grip (R) – The Glendale-based firm provides software systems for businesses in the audiovisual industry.

* iMemories – Based in Scottsdale, the company convers home movies and photos to DVD and hosts consumers’ content online for sharing.

* Medipacs – The Tucson biotech firm has developed programmable infusion pumps for medical use.

* MedTrust Online LLC – The Scottsdale company operates an online community for doctors.

* nanoMR Inc. – The Albuquerque, N.M. firm is developing a replacement for traditional blood cultures that takes less time to develop.

* Octopi LLC – The Tucson company business develops online video games.

* Protein Genomics – Based in Sedona, the company says it has developed the first commercially viable human elastin protein for wound care and regenerative medicine.

* Solar-Breeze LLC – The Phoenix-based firm says it has developed the first solar-powered robotic pool-skimmer.

* Unima Integral Biosecurity – The Jalisco, Mexico-based firm is developing products to control food-borne illnesses in the food-production industry.

To qualify, companies must be seeking between $250,000 and $5 million in financing.

The company’s officers will spend the next several weeks honing their business plans and crafting their investor pitches.

The conference will take place Dec. 11-12 at the Four Seasons Scottsdale at Troon North.

[From Invest Southwest names presenters for VC conference]

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