Sometimes technology is useful – Hurricane Tracking

A friend on facebook turned me on to MSNBC’s Hurricane Tracker.

I’ve been visiting the National Hurricane Center and various other sites to get a view of what storms were in the Atlantic and where they were projected to go. I can say categorically that the MSNBC site is the most useful. That is due in large part to the fact that it is utterly simple and tells me exactly what I want to know:

  • What storms are out there
  • Where are they projected to go
  • How strong are they now and will they be

Is it really, really accurate? No. But I don’t need it to be…

MSNBC… if you are listening – grant NOAA (which is where you get the underlying data that drives this tool anyway) a perpetual license to use for this and let them put it on the National Hurricane Center landing page.

One thought on “Sometimes technology is useful – Hurricane Tracking

  1. I liked that one too. It was created by Stamen Designs, the same S.F. design firm that did the Digg visualizations. Their MSNBC hurricane tracker seems a lot more useful than the Digg ones 🙂

    BTW, also check out I found it just after finding the msnbc hurricane tracker, and I turn to instead of msnbc now.


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