Great example of communications creating value.

From Seth Godin – this is how communications applications create value.

“My computer will call your computer…”

Lisa points us Fonolo, a company in beta that spiders phone trees at big companies and promises to make it easy for you to go straight to the spot you want. Then it calls you when the phone is answered and records the call so you can keep a record.

Bringing symmetry to asymmetrical relationships is a huge opportunity for a technology company. I think there’s room for a union of top high school students, for example, to give some leverage in the recruiting process. And of course, stubhub took the power away from ticket scalpers.

[From Deep dialing]

Now the question is what will people pay for it. Different things value and price.

The trick is to create solutions that have more value than a nominal price. Does Fonolo do that? I’m not sure. Perhaps if the price is having to view or listen to ads…

So here is the question:

Would you trade ads for navigating a phone tree?

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