John-Scott Dixon on the new book Groundswell

From John-Scott Dixon’s post.

I’ve been reading and enjoying a new book called Groundswell. It’s about adapting your company/organization to the new world of social media (Web 2.0). In the book, there are countless examples of companies fighting to maintain control of their brand and corporate messaging. All ultimately reaching the conclusion that it is no longer possible today. Your brand is what people say it is, not what you say it is. Well, I’ve related to a number of these stories, and as a social influence marketer – I’ve been nodding my head up and down with an “I told you so” kind of attitude. It’s great that companies are being held accountable – the days of the PR smooth-over are gone! Anyway, nothing quite brings a concept home like being involved in the middle.

So, as your company begins to deal with customers who are Twittering about you, creating groups, blogging – reach out to them. Don’t be afraid. This is no longer about control – you don’t have any. What you have left is influence. So, get to know them. Help them. This stuff is not an annoyance that is going to fade out and disappear. It’s time to embrace it before your competition does – leverage it to your advantage. Sermon over!

[From “Groundswell” Case Study]

I’ll be picking up Groundswell this week. I think what John-Scott says is spot on…

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