Goober – every feature you never wanted…

From the folks at TechCrunch comes news of the most featurerific IM client EVER. It has everything… except an real idea about how to use all these neat features to derive real value for customers.

This is exactly why I founded cosinity – the primary use of advanced communications technologies seems to be “make something cool” – given that lots of people will use it because it is cool. At cosinity we are focused on making something that is valuable – given that people will use it (psssst and by the way – keep using it and pay for it) because it adds real value to their life or business.

Goober is an instant messenger developed by a team of Germans now officially based in Delaware that’s going up against the big guys (Skype, MSN, ICQ, etc.) with a desktop client that overflows with features – some useful, some more superfluous.

The cross-protocol Goober client (available for Windows and soon Mac and Linux as well) can be used to instant message with both peers on the Goober network and those using ICQ, MSN, or Jabber.

[From Goober Takes Shotgun Approach With IM Client]

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