In search of: S3 uptime “perfection”

Jeff Bezos apparently is shooting for uptime “perfection” for Amazon Web Services. I am thrilled to hear this as cosinity makes significant (and growing) use of AWS. I just wonder if “perfection” might be over-reaching a bit.

I think we are at the dawn of what will be an important industry. Important industries are rarely built by one company. Companies that can demonstrate high-availability track records will have bigger parts of this market. Market mechanisms will push companies to reliability.

When we have an outage like yesterday, we see that as a crucial driver. We won’t be satisfied until we have uptimes and availabilities that are indistinguishable from perfection.

When we have a problem, we know the proximate cause, we analyze from there and find the root cause, we will find the root fix and move forward.

[From Bezos Says He Wants S3 Uptime to Be Nothing Less Than Perfection]

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