CrunchGear – iPhone 3G Review

This little glimpse into the minds of the tech elite should tell you everything you need to know. It isn’t that the 3g iPhone isn’t a great device (I find it ironic that the battery is such an issue… carry around any other 3g device for a day and you’ll find the iPhone is superior where the battery is concerned)… it is simply that it isn’t awe inspiring.

This will be Apple’s challenge for the next year or two. It isn’t about creating excellent devices/software anymore… the tech elite expect to be AWED by every release. Frankly I think expectations at that level are foolish.

NOTE: I did get a 3g iPhone on release day – and I stood in line like everyone else.

Review: iPhone 3G
Written by John Biggs

Hype, hype, hype. Now that the iPhone 3G launch has blown over and I’ve been able to integrate the phone into my daily routine, I think we’re ready for an official CrunchGear review. Our advice? Wait. With 60% certainty I predict a minor hardware or, more likely, software update in the next month or to improve the 3G’s thus far abysmal battery life.

The iPhone 3G is incrementally better than the 1st generation iPhone, which means that only die-hards and non iPhone users should upgrade. Everything good about the iPhone is still here – the UI, the size and shape, the music player. To paraphrase Churchill: It has been said that iPhone is the worst mobile phone except for all the others that have been tried.

3G is nominally faster in the right areas – my Brooklyn haunt is not one of them – so if you were expecting improvements over EDGE think again. While most f [From CrunchGear » Archive » Review: iPhone 3G]

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