The more things change…

Change is good. Change challenges us to move beyond what we know and learn.

That being said, change is scary. It forces us to deal with the unknown and sometimes unknowable. And in this case… it forces us to leave behind a secure payday.

What the heck am I talking about? I’ve left behind my secure (if pedantic and uninspiring) position at a Fortune 500 company.

More after the jump…

I learned a great deal in my time at (company to remain unnamed). But mostly I learned that in order to innovate a company or an individual must be willing to risk what they have in an effort to attain what they want or need. The problem with most “established businesses” is that they too busy protecting what they have to imagine what replaces them.

To put it another way… they are so busy keeping what they have they forget to do their job… which should be improving the general state of affairs in whatever space their product resides. After all, companies exist to create products and services which enhance the lives of their customers and thereby generate value for shareholders. All too often however, in established companies the focus is reversed.

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