Politics and Innovation

So where do the candidates for President stand on technology and innovation? I’ve reviewed each major candidates site to find their views regarding technology and innovation. You can find each candidate’s page below.

John McCain

Mitt Romney

Barack Obama

Hillary Clinton

I believe these issues are central to both the health of our economy and our country. As you consider who you will support please take the time to understand each candidate’s stand on these issues.

My opinion:

The republican candidates fail to address any of the legislative and regulatory issues that serve to enhance or inhibit our country’s ability to compete in an information economy. I find this lack of attention to these matters both startling and indicative of a fundamental misunderstanding of the issues facing the United States and it’s citizens in the next 20 years.

The republican candidates only concern seems to be protecting us from the highly publicized tiny minority of predatory threats found online.

Both democrats seem intent on addressing the issue, however their approach is different in both kind and degree. Clinton focuses on the tried and true issues without venturing into the specific issues which will effect change.

Only Obama addresses any subset of the real issues we face. While I may not agree with all of his positions – or even the relative priority of those positions – he is the only candidate that expresses any real understanding of the issues which will enhance or hinder this country’s ability to compete in a global economy and continue to maintain our lead in invention and innovation.

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