Happy Sunny DB? Sun aquires MySQL

Sun is paying $1 billion to MySQL and add to it’s stable of Open Source technologies. This move will allow Sun to offer a complete open source enterprise development/application platform to it’s customers with Solaris, Java and now a MySQL.

Full CNET article.

Schwartz also outlined a number of areas of technical integration designed to optimize MySQL’s flagship database–as well as MySQL’s Falcon storage engine–on Sun’s Solaris operating systems and servers.

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It is apparent from this move that Sun’s sees open source as a major component of the enterprise – provided enterprises can find a “trusted partner” to supply them the support and services they need.

He said that Sun intends to provide the sort of support services that large corporations demand.

MySQL is a “part of every Web company’s infrastructure, to be sure. And though many of the more traditional companies use MySQL (from auto companies to financial institutions to banks and retailers), many have been waiting for a Fortune 500 vendor willing to step up, to provide mission critical global support,” Schwartz said.

It will be very interesting to see if this move encourages more large companies to adopt MySQL as an alternative to Oracle and Microsoft.

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