Is there ANY downside to telecommuting? published an study done by Pennsylvania State University which – apparently – found only benefits to both employers and employees to telecommuting.

Although some companies and workers feared telecommuting could hamper career prospects or lead to a breakdown in relationships with managers and co-workers, the researchers found no evidence to support it.

“Telecommuting by and large does not have any negative relational outcomes as has been commonly believed,” said Gajendran.

There was also no evidence that telecommuting stymied career development.

Telecommuting also has added benefits, according to the researchers, because it cuts commuting costs and relieves congestion on inner city transport systems, as well as traffic on roads.

“If you could save a long commute, say two days a week or maybe even one, you will see substantial costs saving as well as substantial reductions in terms of pollution,” Gajendran explained.

Full article here.

Hard to argue with a list of benefits like that. I think the interesting (and important bit) is that they found NO “negative relational outcomes”. In other words – you can telecommute and maintain effective and productive working relationships.

One thought on “Is there ANY downside to telecommuting?

  1. Brian –

    Great post on telecommuting. It’s no surprise that there were no negative impacts discovered…as long as people are focused on getting their work done, everything should be fine.

    Thought you might be interested in checking out our blog at – it’s all about bucking the status quo of ‘work’ today and changing the face of what ‘work’ looks and feels like.

    Hope you find a few minutes to check it out…

    Cali Ressler and Jody Thompson


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