I have too may phone numbers… so give me another one???

File this under “how to reduce complexity by increasing complexity”.

I always wondered why people thought GrandCentral’s primary offering was so great… one (more) number for life…

It seems that whole plan has come back to bite some GrandCentral users as they have now been informed that their existing one (more) number for life is being shut off in 8 days and that they will be issued another one (more) number for life. Details here… original TechCrunch Article

This was (and I am a GrandCentral subscriber) my primary beef with GrandCentral from the beginning. The way to solve the “I have too many phone numbers/voicemail boxes” problem is certainly not to add yet another phone number to manage, maintain, publish, etc.

In short… you can’t reduce complexity by increasing complexity.

The reality is, until we get a phone system that works based on the new reality of presence, location and identity as opposed to the old reality of physical devices and physical addressing (i.e., phone numbers) any attempt to solve this problem is unrealistically complex and will create as many problems as it solves.

Just my 2 cents…

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