Techdirt Insight Community – Disrupting Technology Analysis

Sorry Gartner… Techdirt is applying Web 2.0 thinking to the market for IT Analysis; and the concept is pretty impressive.
Perhaps as interesting (to me anyway) is that this is the most impressive 2 minute elevator pitch I’ve seen in a long time.
More after the jump…

Here is the information direct from Techdirt:

Two weeks ago, when we moved the Techdirt Insight Community into public beta, we also took part in a fun event called the Plug & Play Expo, which involved 32 startups explaining what their business was in two minutes. Six of those startups are then selected to do a second round presentation (including us!). I had a little fun with the presentation, combining the “Lessig Method” with a little bit of Bob Dylan (without the talent of either) after discovering we weren’t allowed to use Powerpoint. A bunch of folks have asked us for a copy of the video. Unfortunately, in the original cut of the video, it’s tough to see the handheld slides, so we redid the video superimposing the actual slides on the screen behind me so that people watching the video can read them. We also figured it’s a good, quick way for people to understand what we’re doing with the Techdirt Insight Community

An here is the link to the Techdirt Insight Community for companies – and here is the one for experts.

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