Did you learn more in school or out?

Jeff Pulver at the Jeff Pulver Blog asked a great question today:

Which leads me to today’s question of the day: Looking at what you are involved with these days on a day-to-day basis, did you learn more of what you need to know to do this from something you learned in school, or from something you taught yourself?

I firmly believe that “school” – structured education – can serve only one real purpose. It should teach us how to learn.

My reality is that I learned far more outside of structured education than in. Having said that I do credit structured education for helping me learn how to learn. I also credit structured education with exposing me to a broad variety of concepts and igniting passion for those things that would shape my career.

As stated in this post I have great concern that we are losing a generation of engineers becase we are failing to ignite middle and high schools students passion for engineering, science and math. Please get involoved.

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