VoIP is in Big Trouble?

An article in CIO Magazine today by Thomas Wailgum discusses the less than stellar adoption of VoIP in the enterprise market.

I believe CIOs are ignoring VoIP for the exact same reason they are ignoring telecom and networks on a much larger scale. They just don’t seem to care about it, and the status quo seems just fine.

This article simply highlights what was said earlier here – that VoIP adoption is currently driven by cost avoidance.

The only mistake – in my opinion – that Mr. Wailgum makes is to assume that innovation will not play a major role in VoIP adoption. As stated in the previous post VoIP adoption will accelerate only when the value proposition changes from commoditization to one of enhanced value.

The only way to make that fundamental change is to re-imagine how we utilize voice communications and begin delivering on the (promised) innovations that will transform VoIP from “why do I need it” to “how can I NOT have it?”

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