How do I search for what I want… when I don’t know what I want…

There is a new Emerging Technology in the “help me find what I want” space… and it isn’t search… it is Discovery.

Discovery Moves Beyond Search

Internet search works well, particularly when you know the precise items for which you are looking. What happens, however, when you can’t find the magic words to type into your search box?

Aggregate Knowledge
is challenging the predominate technology for finding what you want on the web. Instead of typing search “key words” into a search engine and sorting through a list of the things on the web that are associated with those key words they seek to rely on the “Wisdom of Crowds”. As they put it:

“You walk by a crowded club that looks cool, so you go in.”

They have just received another round of financing – approximately 20 million – are reportedly revenue neutral and have brand name clients (e.g.,

For a glimpse at their strategy see this press release

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